Interwetten with Special Offer

The bookmaker inter betting has a new action in the EM-calendar. Currently only separates nor a victory for the teams from the feed into the final. France, Germany, Portugal and Wales hope for a place in the finals. Customers can now ensure a secure 25 Euro Free Bet if you tap on your favorites.

Already at a use from 50 Euro enables customers to a free bet in the amount of 10 Euros. From a use of 100 Euro is waiting even a free bet in the amount of 25 Euro on the customer. Customers can use the free wager in the finale of the EM.

Save 25 Euro Free Bet

customers can the free bet of inter-bets back if the took part button “Bet Now!“. For the action are only three-way bet (1×2) on the two semi-finals of the Euro 2016. From a total of at least 50 Euro is a free bet of 10 Euro will be credited. Set Customers, on the other hand, a total of 100 Euro, will be a free bet in the amount of 25 Euros. Bet Here!

For the action can only three-way bets of the European Championship semi-final games are evaluated. The semi-final matches found between Germany vs. France and Wales Vs. Portugal. Only customers who took part the button is clicked, the action is allowed. The Free Bet is placed to the customer at the 8. July 2016 to at least 11 hours will be credited. It can be used in a connection up to 10. July 2016 at 21:00.

Go back and more great profits secure

customer, as in every action round, a daily Los purchase. This must still be activated on the same day. A subsequent activation is not possible and would lead to the expiry of the lot. The criteria, in order to enable a lot shall be provided to the customer for the respective action round on the following day by 11:00 hours on the page. The connector has the winner from the date of publication of 24 hours to the profit to be confirmed. If the winner is not within the specified time limit is not reports, the profit expire and cannot be claimed. A Barablose of profit is not possible.

Interwetten reserves the right to individual customers to exclude from this action and the action without indication of reasons at any time to exit. If game communities or individual players by multiple applications or fake accounts try to take advantage of the bonus of the bookmakers will reserve the right to payment and the bonus granted to withdraw. The additional profits generated can be canceled, requested disbursements denied and the accounts are closed. Professional players and players cartels is not a bonus. The action is subject to the general terms and conditions of the provider.

NetBet offer

The Euro 2016 goes into the final end, while the first final participants has been fixed, France and Germany must have to fear into the finals. There is a team meeting to Portugal, which is already qualified for the finals.

Until then, customers of the bookmaker NetBet For the semi-final game Germany vs. France increased quotas and increase profits. Customers can be up to 10 Euro bets and equal to 3 increased quotas for the game.

The NetBet action overview

customer of sports betting provider NetBet can register for the semi-final game Germany vs. France” equal to 3 increased quotas. If you want to use the offer NetBets, you must log on with your customer account at the bookmaker to log in. Then players before initiation of the lot until 19:00 on 7. July 2016 have registered for the action. This must be on the entry button on the Action page. In miss the deadline or non-compliance with the general terms and conditions is the free bet the customer not be credited.

Players will be increased quotas in the connection to the game as a Free Bet. The maximum value of a free bet is 10 Euro per quota increased. Customers must be in the run up to the game a pre-live single bet in the value of at least 5 Euro on any enhanced odds betting market, the output for this action. The value of the Free Bet is placed in the track is calculated as follows: (increased quota minus output rate) * Use. Players can participate in all of the available price boost take part for the game.

Free betting correctly set

if player a free bet, you can get this on any game of the EM. The prices may be subject to changes. Players will receive the boost as it is described in the action. Free bets are the customers 72 hours after the final whistle of the lot shall be credited. Customers can use the free wager only on the following markets: First Goal Scorer, exact score, Goal crazy and all gates of a team. Valid bets must be considered as single bet on the improved market quotas to be completed. This customer must use the quotas available in the betting market. The part of a use, as a free bet is not provided in the profit.

The customer free bets must be used as a whole. This is a use of free bet without repayment. If canceled betting, in which a free bet was used, the free token is not refunded. Bets with cash-out have been terminated or canceled bets are also not for this action. The action can be provided by the customer is not in conjunction with other promotions. If a condition is breached the action or there are indications that Customers Free bets or other action offers benefits to profits to guarantee, regardless of the outcome, reserves of the bookmakers the right to the free wager and all with bonuses funded bets invalid to explain.